There will be seven sessions spanning four and a half days.

Session I:Organic inventory of the gas phase: from small molecules to PAHs
Session II: Spectroscopy: Meeting the needs of astronomers with experiments and theory
Session III: Hot cores and corinos: Observations, theory and experiments
Session IV: Organic inventory of protoplanetary disks
Session V: Chemistry of dark clouds: the interplay of gas and dust
Session VI: The DIBs: solving a century old problem
Session VII: Chemistry of atmospheres of stars and planets


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Invited Speakers

Lou Allamandola
Charlie Bauschlicher
Olivier Berne
Wybren Jan Buma
Adam Burrows
Paula Caselli
Cecellia Ceccarelli
Pepe Charnicharo
Steve Charnley
Samy El-Shall
Wolf Geppert
Tom Green
Stefan Guilloteau
Kevin Heng
Eric Herbst
Xinchuan Huang
Jes Jørgensen
Ralf Kaiser
Rosine Lallement
Greg Laughlin
Tim Lee
Harold Linnartz
Darek Lis
John Maier
Scott Messenger
Joan Najita
Conor Nixon
Gunnar Nyman
Karin Öberg
Takeshi Oka
Naseem Rangwala
Farid Salama
Catherine Walsh